Shifting Into Overdrive

Our new truck to haul Taco Bahia

Our new truck to haul Taco Bahia

This fall, we made the decision to go ahead and build a food truck/trailer with Quality Trailers in Portland, Oregon. In order to cook at key festivals in Washington State.

We did not make this decision lightly. In order to follow through with this, our lives needed to transform in multiple ways. Goodbyes needed to happen to our beloved summers in Alaska. Careers needed to shift in a completely new direction. A big boy truck needed to be purchased to haul it. Mass paperwork needed to be attended to. A business plan needed to be written and learned.

I imagine that some of our friends and family are still shaking their heads thinking, “WHAT are they doing now?” as in WTF?, haha.

But as we go down the road in overdrive, and I do mean overdrive, as in driving ALL THE TIME, I do know one thing for sure; we will be providing masses of friendly people some of the best food they’ve ever had, while promoting wild caught seafood. Not only will we be serving amazing food, but we will be role modeling serving wild food, fresh out of the sea.

As our tagline says, “Our Food Swims Wild and Free.” Just how we like it.

Monica Caulfield